French chic. What is the secret of it?

Many people wrote about the French fashion, but not everyone understands what it actually represents. What stylishly dressed Frenchwoman is different from other fashionistas? What is it — Paris street fashion? What is French chic, and what should be in the wardrobe of Frenchwoman?
Parisian clothing consists mainly of gray, black, or muted pastel tones. Virtually no bright colors, only emphasis. But for all that, the majority of Frenchwomen have their own style and don't follow fashion blindly. They successfully use the accessories and flawlessly combine incongruous.

Each Frenchwoman have been accustomed to accessories since childhood: shawl, barrette, scarf, etc. With these simple things they can quickly and easily change their look.
French women love a good, quality clothing, but not one of them will not spend a lot of money on it. Nowadays the wardrobe is updated every season, and spend much money on something that will be irrelevant after a while, it' simply unreasonable. But at the same time, the Frenchwomen have never regreted money on shoes and bags. These accessories complement the outfit of an elegant Frenchwoman, and they should be only of the best quality and certainly from a good designer.
French women understand the sense not only in good clothes, but also in matters of care. They also don't spare the money for a good cosmetics for hair, face and body. But the Frenchwomen's makeup isn't bright, they prefer natural one.